"Trips Around the World Without Ever Leaving Your Seat!"

Please join Wildlife & Nature Photographer Karen Ann Sullivan for one of her Travel Lecture Series talks. Karen has dedicated herself to photographing nature and wildlife subjects with a focus on then sharing her images and information about them with others through her lectures and photographic exhibitions.  

All of Karen's talks include detailed information about the photographic subjects, the environments involved and personal stories from Karen about her experiences in the field.  

Each lecture will include a multitude of images and information about each different area of the world through a one-hour slideshow presentation.  

Available Travel Lecture Series Topics:

- AFRICA - A multitude of Wonder from Botswana, Namibia, Rwanda & Tanzania

- ALASKA - From Brown Bears to Bald Eagles; Exploring the Katmai Peninsula

- AUSTRALIA - Wonders from Down Under

- COSTA RICA - Rainforest Diversity

- PATAGONIA & EASTER ISLAND - Exploring Patagonia & Rapa Nui


Would you like to know the best way to be ready when that once-in-a-lifetime nature photograph appears in front of you?   In my Nature Photography Workshops we will talk about all this and more.  Each Workshop is 90 Minutes long and includes handout material.

Available Nature Photography Workshops:

Beginning Nature Photography I

Covering basics like Composition, Lighting, Equipment will be our starting point. Whether you are new to Nature Photography or have some experience, you are sure to pick up some nuggets of wisdom that will help you achieve your desired end result!

Subjects Covered:

- Knowing Your Subject/Do Your Homework

- Being Prepared 

- Let's Talk About "the rules"

- Composition

- Lighting

- Equipment

- Practice, Practice, Practice

- Responsibility - Ethical Nature Photography & Safety

Beginning Nature Photography II

Knowing the habits of your subject, utilizing sources to check variables like the weather & being well prepared will give you your best chance to get the nature photographs you want!  This 

Beginning Nature Photography II Workshop delves deeper into additional information.

Subjects Covered:

- Review of basics from the Beginning Nature Photography I Workshop

- In Depth Discussion of Lens Choice

- Let's Talk File Type

- Options for Managing and Editing Your Images with Examples

- Responsibility - Ethical Nature Photography & Safety

Bird Photography Workshop

Successfully photographing birds in the wild can call for a unique set of approaches and skills. Their speed, ability to camouflage themselves well, and living up to the reputation for being skittish, all come together to make them one of the more challenging photographic subjects.

We will discuss getting you and your photography "kit" ready to get the best results possible. I will also give you some great ways to practice for bird photography even when the birds aren't around!

Subjects Covered:

- Knowing Your Subject/Do Your Homework

- Being Prepared 

- What Kind of Images Are You Looking To Capture?  Knowing Makes a Difference.

- Let's Talk Equipment

- Specific Approaches 

- Tripod or Handheld?

- Responsibility - Ethical Nature Photography & Safety

To Arrange for Karen to give a Lecture or Workshop please contact her directly @:

Phone:  (914) 656-1965

E-Mail @ ksullivanphoto@optonline.net

or Send a Message through the say Hello section from the Homepage of this Website

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